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Sally Weaver.
Flax Triptych

2022. Blind Embossed Prints. 36X37cm.

‘Objects are not imposed from above, but grow from the mutual involvement of people and materials in an environment.’—Tim Ingold, Anthropologist The maker works within the world, weaving concepts, skills, and knowledge with materials. And so, created the first meaningful and functional artefacts. Parallel to this evolution so too the creation of tools. ‘Flax’ comprises a triptych of prints taken from linen artefacts. The blind embossed process echoes the knowledge and skill, handed down through time via our global and migrating ancestry. ‘Flax’ symbolises our inherent ‘making’, our relationship with the natural environment, as recognisable and as relevant today as the beginning of mankind’s place upon and in this world. Prints of flax fibre braid, flax twine, linen fabric, and sail making needles represent ‘the world of our experience, continually and endlessly coming into being around us as we weave.’ —Tim Ingold, Perception of the Environment, 2011)

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