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Joseph Ostraff. 
Anything, Anywhere, Anytime

2022. Sticker Art/Media Project. 18X18in. 

This project is a capsule of my time and place in the American West. The title, Anything, Anywhere, Anytime is intended to reference the current trend that the West is viewed as a land of resources, recreation, and photo-ops. This vast geography has been deemed a “void” in need of human definition, it has had a grid laid over it, converting it into a “place” with many uses, always in demand and ready for public consumption. Each yield sign has been extracted from collages made while traveling throughout the Western United States. In the center of each yielding shape is a QR code that takes the viewer to nine, thirty-second, video sequences with a split image of two segments, one documenting places of personal significance that I consider sublime and the other segment being images of locations with a human footprint.

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