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Nuala Clarke. 
Sublime Reverie

2019. Acrylic on Board. 45x35cm. 

There is an ever-changing perfection in the relationship between sea, sky, land, night and day where I live. I inherit my reaction to this relationship- this feeling of home as I live where my ancestors lived. In a utopian bucolic paradise. Utopia or Ou topos is "an imagined 'place' or state of things in which everything is perfect." However Ou topos means no place; Inherent in the idea of perfection is the sense of non-existence. As a painter I have the final say in the space of the canvas. It is my utopia, that area where I can find a perfect form, where I have first and last say in the structure and atmosphere. So the criteria for each of these works is that it’s elements must relate to one another in such a way as to create the exact right or true alignment—a sublime rerie.

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