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Mercedes Ng.

2022. Paper Mache. 

Progression is about how the complexity of each generation increases due to enhanced connectivity. In this work, progression is represented in the increase of size and irregularity of the individual pieces. These irregularities symbolize a surging of globalization and advanced technology. In other words, interconnectivity. The holes and cut out patterns symbolise trial and error, including the events we wish had not occurred. Despite the progress of multitudes of individuals and societies, the generations remain imperfect in the face of ever-growing amounts of information and ideas. The process for creating this work was standard for papier mâché (cutting and gluing paper), with a special twist, the paper used came entirely from my own reference photos. I believed this would mirror my progression as an artist with that of society. We don’t choose where we came from or what we inherited, but we can choose what to make with what was left.

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