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Linda Reynolds. 
Far From the Tree

2022. Machine and Hand Embroidery on Slip Dress. 61X91cm.

Global warming is changing our climate and creating dire consequences for the planet. There is alarming evidence that important tipping points leading to irreversible changes may already have been reached or passed. The response to this crisis is expressed in this 100-year-old French undergarment. Layer 1: A composite of 100 years of global data using visual elements of charts and graphs which expose the harmful changes to the planet including rising Co2 levels, increased air temperatures, melting glaciers, and rising sea levels. Layer 2: The Paris Agreement of 2015 urges action to combat climate change and its impacts in every country and on every continent. Layer 3: One year of my own local advocacy data including weekly walks to the market, my consumption of produce from a home garden, and decreased energy use from commuting with a bike. Climate change is a global challenge that affects people everywhere requiring coordinated international solutions. Responses to climate change also includes personal choices and commitment.

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